Beyoncé’s Makeup

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I bring to you today on the blog with beautiful makeup looks from The Queen Beyoncé. I Loveeee Beyonce! Growing up I never could answer that question… Who is your favorite singer? I honestly didn’t have one. I never seen a female performer WOW me like this talented… Beautiful Women. Not only is she a amazing out of this world performer, but she is always looking so flawless with her makeup & outfits at events. Take a look…
Barely there Soft Makeup: This look is perfect for everyday like work, school or even a special event. It’s soft and gentle in the eyes with just the right amount of dark contour shade in the outer v, and lower lash line. To finish this look add a peach tone blush, mascara and a light pink gloss and your ready to take on your day!

Natural Dramatic Makeup: with bright lip color. This is my personal favorite kind of makeup look.. I love natural color shades on the eyes and finish it off with eyeliner, false eyelashes, mascara and a bright color lipstick is a must. Smudge lower lash line / Red Lips: In this makeup she has a dark brown eyeshadow all over the lid with a very light shimmer brown shade in the crease. The same dark brown shade is used in the lower lash line. Smudge the shade darkest from the outer corner going lighter toward the inner corner. If you are attending a special occasion or party apply some gold or other soft shimmer eyeliner to the outer tear duct area and waterline. To make this look complete we can’t forget the Fierce Red Lipstick. Dark Lips: This makeup look is all about the Lips. There is barely any makeup on the eyes. To achieve this look you want to focus on contouring the cheek bones, and applying a very light pink blush. Focus on outing with a lip liner and then applying a creamy lipstick in  the color wine. She looks Amazing with this lipstick doesn’t she<3The Cat Eye: Can’t forget the cat eye… Use Black,Brown Or any color to create your cat eye. In this look the eyes are doing the talking with mascara only, and a nude pink gloss and a very soft contour and light pink blush.

Which makeup look is your favorite? 

Have a great week everyone<3

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