For Better or Worse

God Bless You beloved reader! I hope your enjoying your day so far!!! Thank You for checking out this week’s blog message. I am excited to share the message this week it will be from the beautiful book of Hosea.

In Jesus Name I pray Father you speak to all and that you touch their lives also if anyone out there doesn’t know you I pray that you meet them where they are & save their souls and let them feel your love in Jesus Name Amen.

“And I will sow her to me in the earth; and I will have mercy on her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to them which were not my people, You are my people; and they shall say, You are my God.” Hosea 2:23

The book of Hosea is such a beautiful book in the Bible it involves the prophet Hosea and in the beginning of the book it describes how God asks the prophet Hosea to go find a promiscuous women and to take her in marriage, but it is more deeper than that the Lord is speaking through His prophet about Israel His people how they have gone after other things and other gods and Have forgotten about Him their one true God. He compares their actions and ways to that of a unfaithful wife who decides to leave her good husband and abandon her family to go after someone else and other things which she believes will fulfill her hearts desires but it’s all a deception of the enemy because in reality she will not find any pleasure in her new lover and those things long term because she will realize it wasn’t what is truth and good for her life. Sometimes when we think of marriage and getting married we think of all the great times and memories we are going to experience it’s like we only listen to the parts that bring us a benefit for example we hear: for better, in good health, and in riches we don’t really pay attention or we pretend to not really take in that it’s also in worse, in sickness and also in a season of lack. Some not all don’t understand that when you marry someone it’s until death otherwise it’s adultery because that’s not your spouse from your covenant. Israel was and is God’s chosen people it’s because of the Jews that salvation came to the gentiles and I am so grateful for that salvation my savior the messiah who shed His blood on Calvary. Even though Israel forgot about God and didn’t love the Lord we see in the book of Hosea that He will always be that true husband who is willing to pardon and forgive all their sins and receive Her again like it should be in a marriage if either were to be unfaithful even though difficult reconciliation is possible and if both are willing to work at it God will help their marriage. The same is our relationship with God it’s like a marriage. You have to honor God and put away and forsake things that are displeasing to Him and honor Him with your lifestyle and actions. God will help you but we must have a desire to truly be in relationship with Him God was angry with Israel but then we see How his anger subsided and He says you are my people and I will be your God. It’s so beautiful to see how much God loves Israel and now loves us too the gentiles. He loves you He loves me He loves the world but it’s up to us to want to know Him and pursue Him. I pray that you allow God to come into your life. He will show you His great love to you and meet you where you are at. Like a husband loves His wife so does God love the world and His bride the church. If you have gone astray and left His ways. Today God says return home I am here and I will accept you.. repent, turn away from your sin and I will pardon and accept you. Because God is always going to accept you you don’t have to get things right before coming to Him. Like a marriage vow For Better or Worse the Lord will help you, accept you, and most of all Love you no matter what happens there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God.

God bless you all! I hope you have a wonderful weekend/week if you have a prayer request please feel free to contact me<3

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